Funding Roadshow 2014

ASINVER Crowdfunding Business Angels
The idea of crowdfunding, individuals joining together to raise capital to support the efforts of specific individuals or organizations online, has gained tremendous momentum over the past couple of years. Although crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise capital through individual donations, equity crowdfunding has also emerged as a way for investors to buy small amounts of equity. There are awide variety of options for companies to raise credit and equity. Depending on the business phase, there are varying options for funding. From pur experience we have a wide perspective and overview of posible funding options. The economic and financial crisis has affected the ability of the financial sector to cannel funds to the real economy, in particular long-term investment (specially in Europe, whose enterprises have always relied heavily on bank financing). We have experience in finding new ways to cannel funds to long-term investment and helping SMEs to get funding out of traditional banking system as we have identified and targeted not only investors, but also venture capitalists and business angels.